ConsultationBox2Over the years, Sheila Walker Hartwell has had the privilege to work with outstanding clients and colleagues. Below are a few testimonials about their work together.

Divider“Anyone in the market for pluperfectly objective financial advice needs to look no further than Sheila Walker Hartwell. She holds an MBA in finance from Columbia University, and she also holds a Certificate in Financial Planning from New York University (which people who’ve gone through that training say is very demanding and difficult.) Financial Planners come in two flavors: those who are “fee-only”, and those who manage money and sell insurance; Sheila is the former category.

In the New York metropolitan region, there are thousands who call themselves financial planners; only three (!) of them are true fee-only practitioners, and Sheila is far and away the best in that tiny and exclusive club. Having a financial advisor who has absolutely no conflicts of interest is what most people need desperately.

She cares, she’s smart, she’s moral and she’s incredibly good at what she does. I’m proud to call her a good friend.”

Lucas Meyer
Financial Advisor
Fifth Street Advisors


“I came to Sheila Walker Hartwell because I needed a better handle on my financial picture going forward.

Sheila’s thorough approach had me looking at all aspects of earning, spending, and protecting assets in areas I had never thought of. Her detailed systems made pulling together a very complicated picture almost painless. The results were easy to understand and actionable.

When you work with Sheila you are positive she is in your corner. She brings to each project her training, commitment to staying current, aptitude for detail and a tone of common sense and practical experience. Because she has nothing to sell I never felt pressure to make decisions or that she had an ulterior motive – very refreshing.

My relationship with Sheila is long lasting and one of trust. You would be hard pressed to find a more competent, action-oriented, non-judgmental financial professional. I highly recommend my financial planner, Sheila Walker Hartwell.

Jane Cranston

Divider“I have worked with Sheila Walker Hartwell since 2009. I came to her with a list of financial problems – I had just gotten divorced, I had debt issues, the house I co-owned with my ex-wife was underwater, I had a child with special needs, and no real insurance or retirement plan.

Together, we established goals and ideas for the future and I set about realizing them.
Today with Sheila’s expertise and guidance, I am out of debt, have a fully funded emergency savings, insurance and estate planning that protects my kids if anything happens to myself or my ex-wife, and am able to maximize contributions to my 401(k) and Roth retirement funds.

Our next big undertaking starts this year with figuring out how best to pay for college for my daughter and two years after that for my son.

Sheila has been a partner in shaping my plans and I am grateful for her expertise, and steadying advice.”

David Campbell

Divider“Sheila Walker Hartwell is a consummate professional. In addition to having expert technical knowledge of the financial steps that successful people need to take to navigate through the complex waters of life, Sheila has the tact, sensitivity and listening skills that are necessary to help people with issues that many are hesitant to discuss or deal with. I have referred clients to Sheila who are grateful for her expertise, care and methodology, where the clients’ interests always come first.”

David Shriner-Cahn
TEND Strategic Partners

Divider“I would like to give my wholehearted and absolute endorsement of Sheila Walker Hartwell. I was referred to Sheila in 2007. As a physician with a 20-year career in Emergency Medicine recovering from a serious illness and as a new single mom there were multiple financial issues to explore and consider.

Sheila immediately put me at ease with her professional and focused approach. She was always prepared with a complete mastery of all of my financial and personal information. She helped me navigate through the many complicated decisions I was faced with which had far reaching implications for my financial future. She made what seemed overwhelming quite manageable with her superb skills. We accomplished many milestones together.
She interfaces easily with everyone on my team and works like a master conductor integrating all the information into one whole. I can face my future with confidence and ease.”

Valerie Hepburn, MD

Divider“I have known Sheila Walker Hartwell for over 15 years, and she is the best and most professional financial advisor I have ever met. We have many mutual clients, and I know that having Sheila on my team makes my life much easier. In addition to working so well together, Sheila is a dear friend and I am proud to say so.”

Barry Newman CPA
Traust Sollus

Divider“Sheila has been a God-send to me for over 14 years. First, when my uncle, for whom I was power of attorney, collapsed in Fairfax VA. Sheila guided me in navigating all the financial aspects of caregiving, health insurance, selling property, investing assets, etc., so that I could be there when he needed me to provide him with the best of care.

Second, Sheila very quietly says, ‘I don’t take money under management’. During a legal crisis I learned first hand how important that is.

The guidance I receive from Sheila in all financial matters, is in MY best interest and only MINE…not the best interest of a firm and not contingent on commissions and fees.”

Doris Ingber
Feng Shui Consultant