A Customized Personal Financial Plan

The Key to Your Success
At Hartwell Planning, we believe that goals and aspirations are the centerpiece of your financial life and the place to begin realizing your greatest desires. If you don’t plan your goals, you may never achieve them.

How We Work

A financial plan is a process rather than a product. Hartwell Planning is your trusted partner in the process of managing every aspect of your financial life. The fee you pay us is based solely on the services we provide. We offer several financial plan options as well as consultations by the hour. The planning process is divided into three parts.

Initial Consultation

We welcome telephone calls from anyone and everyone. The caller can rest assured that the conversation is strictly confidential and complimentary. We are a referral-only firm where our referrals come largely from satisfied clients, estate attorneys, investment advisory firms, insurance agents and accountants. We offer a 20-30 minute telephone consultation to help us understand your situation and to answer your questions. If we can answer all the questions in the allotted time frame – great! Happy to do so. If not, we will suggest you come in for an in-person meeting. We email you a Confidential Questionnaire, which you fill out in advance and bring to the meeting. It is our agenda.

Continuing Client Support

Our clients become clients for life and have special privileges with Hartwell Planning. The door is open for them always for follow-up meetings, especially when there is a life change such as a marriage, new baby, divorce, death or even in-laws moving in.

“With two MBAs between us, my wife and I knew the concepts and could do the math. We just couldn’t put the whole package together – budgeting, housing, investments, retirement, etc. – in any actionable way. Sheila Hartwell of Hartwell Planning used our life goals as a way to focus our priorities and decisions, rendering a plan that we understand, buy into and can execute.”

 – Jon Powell, Corporate Executive

Plans and Services

We offer several plans that are tailored to each client’s unique situation. They range from The Hartwell Planning Platinum Plan, for the discriminating busy individual or couple with many complex issues to resolve, to The Hartwell Planning Platinum Family Plan, a comprehensive plan for multi-generation families, to The Hartwell Planning First-Step Plan and everything in between.

We also offer consultations by the hour to resolve specific issues. We provide educational workshops and seminars on the following topics:


  • Are you financially ready to retire?
  • Financial planning for young families
  • How to get out of debt and stay out.